The Lean Construction Workshop

Experience a mock-up virtual pull plan from start to finish, including:1) What is the Last Planner System®? 2) Pulling backwards to create a phase pull plan 3) Walking through the plan to verify it 4) How & when to update your plan and 5) Real time coaching tips.

Gain a deeper understanding of the foundational Lean concepts of Value, Waste and Flow through live discussion and a virtual Waste Walk that will open your eyes to potential for the improvement that lies around each of us every day on every project in every company. in Lean principles and get some new ways to tal to other about Lean.

Build this Room! - Virtual Pull Planning Simulation (LPS1) Workshop

3 hours 30 minutes @ $345.00 - December 9, 2021 11:00AM

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: those who want to experience pull planning and learn about the different elements of the Last Planner System(R). Rounding up the team to collaboratively plan can seem intimidating. Come experience a mock pull plan from start to finish including: what it is, creating a phase pull plan, how and when to update it, and real time coaching tips. You’ll come away confident that you understand as well as have some actual experience.

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Hasta La Vista....Waste! Workshop

2 hours @ $175.00 - January 5, 2022 11:00AM

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: anyone who does work, hates waste, and wants to TERMINATE it! If your work isn’t value, it’s waste. It’s that’s simple. By some studies, over 50% of labor can be categorized as waste – and we are oblivious to much of it. On this virtual waste walk you will learn to see waste, identify examples of each of the 8 wastes that surround us, and discuss simple methods to improve you can use tomorrow.

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How to Lead a Virtual Pull Planning Session! (LPS2) Workshop

2 hours @ $275.00 - January 25, 2022 11:00AM

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: those already familiar with the Last Planner System who plan to run their own pull planning session. If you’re going to assemble your entire construction team, you don’t want it to be a waste of everyone’s time. Come learn what you need to do to prepare, beginning with the preplanning meeting, logistics, and how to run the session from start to finish, including templates and references. Walk away feeling like you have everything you to get started.

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